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Du théologique au religieux: l'usage de la rhétorique dans les pensées de Marc Aurèle

Jordi Pia Comella


Our purpose is to renew the studies on the relationship between Rhetoric and Philosophy in Marcus Aureliuss Meditations: beyond its unquestionable therapeutic function, does Rhetoric have a religious dimension? Is it legitimated by the author as a powerful expression of the stoic piety? In his meditations on cosmic order, Marcus Aurelius uses the stylistic features of the hymn: these fragments become a praise of the divine world but they havent the same religious value than philosophical hymns since they are first addressed to the self, not to the God. They reveal the ambiguity of stoic asceticism which considers moral introspection and devotion to God as the one and same movement. Rhetoric expresses the fervent desire to conform to the cosmic design but it is also the sign of the proficiens imperfection.

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