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Thomas Stanley ed i marginalia al testo di Eschilo

Chiara Tedeschi


In Stanleys aeschylean commentaries many conjectures are featured, which should be ascribed to Jean Dorat, Francesco Porto, Isaac Casaubon, Giuseppe Giusto Scaligero, Henry Jacob, John Pearson. They were originally written on margins in some Vettori editions copies, which Stanley could use as sources. Fraenkel and Gruys identified those sources in three different volumes (Oxf. Bodl. Libr. Rawl. G.190 e Rawl. G.193; CUL Adv. b.3.3). As coincidences between marginal notes and Stanleys commentaries suggest, we could add to Stanleys sources other annotated volumes, precisely Lond. B.L. 11705.d.2; Lond. B.L. 832.k.26; Lond. Nat. Art Libr. Dyce 113 9 Q 2; and those belonging once to Isaac Voss (Leid. UB 756 D 21; Leid. UB 756 D 22 e Leid. UB 756 D 23).

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