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Il Contributo di Francesco Porto alla filologia eschilea

Paolo Tavonatti


The article presents the work of XVI century Cretan humanist Franciscus Portus (1511-1581) on Aeschylus. After a presentation of the ms. B.P.L. 180 (conserved in Leiden University Library), Portus autograph which represents the first western commentary on all survived plays by Aeschylus and nowadays still unpublished (subject of my doctoral dissertation at the University of
Trento), and of Portus Aeschylean interests altogether, the paper discusses the Cretans fortune and contribution in western Aeschylean exegesis and textual critic, from XVI century onward. In order to do that, some passages
are considered and discussed, by comparing Portus works (B.P.L. 180 and marginalia conserved in several XVI century editions) with modern editions (from Blomfield on).

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