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Eschilo e la tradizione eschilea nel laboratorio filologico di Angelo Poliziano

Alessandro Daneloni


Alessandro Danelonis essay offers an Aeschylean insight into the erudite works of the eminent and distinguished scholar Angelo Poliziano (1454-
1494). Although Poliziano never dedicate any specific study to the text and dramaturgy of Aeschylus, he deeply knew the poetry and works of the great tragedian and many times, in the course of his long literary, critical, didactic
production he referred to him or to the witness indirectly related with him (the Poetica of Aristotele, the lexicon Suda). Here are examined the numerous Aeschylean citations and fragments, frequently founded in Politianos philological comments, or the crowded collections of excerpta gathered in the important Greek Zibaldone of the Florentine humanist, now Paris graec. 3069. The utilization of Aeschylus is then focused in the Miscellaneorum centuria prima (1489) and eventually the enigmatic transcription, by Poliziano,
of some verses of Prometeo incatenato at the end of an Aristothelic codex of his own, the now Laurenziano Plut. 81, 6.

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