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Tragèdia i retòrica en la novel·la grega

Roser Homar


The relationship between Greek love novels (especially Leucipe and Clitofont)
and tragedy is analyzed in this study, by emphasizing the strong relationship
between tragedy and rhetoric shown by most of these novels. In
particular, I go deeper into some scenes where keywords related to the dramatics
genres, especially tragedy, appear. This study is structured in two
parts: in the first one, I pay attention to citations and to the use of τραγῳδία
and its derivates; in the second one, The performance in the courtroom, the
staging of the speeches on the VIII book of Achilles Tatius novel is analyzed.
Through the revision of these keywords in their context, the importance of
the rhetoric to systematize the reflection about the dramatic genres, particularly
about tragedy, and their performance is suggested.

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