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Influencia de varias formulaciones de suavizantes sobre las propiedades impartidas al algodón por un acabado de fácil cuidado

Joaquín Gacén Guillén, Silvia Hertes, Remedios Prieto Fuentes


A softener is usually added in formulations with resins, in order to improve the fabric’s feel. This paper determines the influence of several softeners of various chemical compositions applied in a formulation of easy-care finish with a formaldehyde-free reactant resin according to the following parameters: dimensional stability, noncrease effect, tensile strength, resistance to abrasion, wettability, bending rigidity and chloride retention. From the finishes obtained we can deduce that there is no optimum softener formula for all parameters studied. However, it is possible to establish priorities for the effects of the softener according to the parameters considered most important for the final use the textile product.

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