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Acabado de tejido para tapicería con fluorocarbono mediante aplicación con espuma

Francisco Javier Carrión Fité


The application of foams to carry fabric finish formulas offers substantial advantages over the conventional method of padding with aqueous solutions. Worth noting among these advantages are: savings on water and energy and reduction of the amount of wastewater produced in the process, as well as decreased migration during drying of the sizing products applied to the fabrics. This work deals with the optimisation of the application to upholstery fabric of a finish formulation with fluorocarbon as its basic ingredient, using foam produced and applied by means of Stork Brabant's Rotary Screen Foam. The
fluorocarbon formulation was applied to an upholstery fabric (Microvinâ) and the influence of the following factors was studied: concentration of the aforementioned finish, foam density, impregnation and speed of the mixing head in producing the foam, with the objective of meeting the quality requirements for the Teflonâ (stain protection) label for the fabric. On the basis of the data obtained, we propose a formulation to meet the indicated quality requirements at the lowest cost.

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