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Detección de siliconas en tejidos defectuosos mediante espectrofotometría de FTIR

María Carmen Gutiérrez Bouzán, Raquel Rodríguez Urioz.


Silicones analysis is particularly difficult, because of the high stability and viscosity of these compounds and their low solubility in conventional solvents. In this paper, FTIR spectrophotometry is used for the analysis of silicones. This technique is applied to identify polydimethylsiloxanes. The identification of these polymers and the amount of extractable matter on a garment with uniformity dyeing defects and on another one with irregularity seam defects are studied. Higher amounts of silicones were found in the defective areas. It was verified that infrared spectrometry is a useful technique for the simple and fast identification of silicones in aqueous or organic extracts of textile articles. Although this technique has scarce application to the quantitative analysis, the percentage of extractable matter and of the relative intensity of the characteristic silicone bands in the IR spectrum can provide an idea of the silicone content in the samples

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