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Comportamiento de las Lanas de Nueva Zelanda al blanqueo con Peróxido de Hidrógeno. (Parte 1a)

José Cegarra Sánchez, Joaquín Gacén Guillén, Montserrat Caro, Montserrat Pepió Viñals


Bleaching with hydrogen peroxide of New Zealand Romney wool has been studied through a rotatable central design. The variables of the process considered include the concentration of hydrogen peroxide, temperature and bleaching time; the
response equations for the whiteness degree, yellow index, alkali solubility and cysteic acid have been found as well as the resilience and bulkiness of the bleached fibre. The results show that Romney wool requires vigorous bleaching conditions in order to achieve good whiteness degrees and also that its alteration can be considered as normal. Its bleaching behaviour differs, in some aspects, from that of Australian wool. Resilience and bulkiness of ahe fibre are not influenced by bleaching. The conditions required to obtain the optimization of the bleaching process are indicated.

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