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Fibras de Poliester. Evolución y futuro.

Joaquín Gacén Guillén


This paper deals with the past of the poli (ethylenterephtalate) fibres, their advantages and limitations, and the alternative polyesters. Reference is made to the raw materials used to-day, to the oil crisis and its incidence on the cost of polyester fibres. The long world crisis has generated new processes and products. Of the new processes, reference is made to the substitution of the dymethyl tereghtalate by the terephtalatic acid, ahe continuous polimerization and the development sf highspeed spinning processes which have originated the MOY (medium oriented yarn)
and POY (preoriented yarn) continuous yarns, used in texturization, and the HOY and FOY (high or full oriented yarn) continuous yarn, used as flat yarns. As to new products, mention is made to the latest in the market and to the different types of commercial polyester. Finally, polyester fibres have been placed, together with all the other fibres, In tables showing recent statistics. Market forecast for continuous yarn and discontinuous fibre are indicated.

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