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Acción del Albegal B en la tintura de lana con colorantes a-Bromoacrylamido.

José Cegarra Sánchez, Ascensión Riva Juan, Luis Aizpurua Echeverría


This paper deals with the action exerted by an amphoteric product, Albegal B, on the absorption and reaction of α-bromoacrylamide dyes by wool.
This work has two parts, the former studies the action of Albegal B and some inorganic compounds, in the aggregation state of the dye, on the dyeing solution; the formation of a complex more insoluble than the dye, is observed in the initial phase and, at higher concentrations of Albegal B, a tedency -although not very marked- to the redisolution of the complex can be seen. The second part examines the action of Albegal B on the absorption and reaction of C.I. Reactive Yellow 39 by wool, twhich is studied through a rotationnel central plan of experiments; the influences exerted by the dye concentration and temperature are investigated, being proved the existence of some optimum concentrations of Albegal where the sorption an reaction of the dye are maximum. Different mechanisms of interaction, intervening in the dyeing process, are proposed.

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