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Medios de estudio y determinación de los oligómeros del poli (etilén tereftalato) textil y su aplicación en el caso de problemas industriales.

J, Derminot


With the aim of appreciating in which measure the polyethyleneglycolterephtalate oligomers are the cause of certain manufacturing difficulties, some techniques of qualitative and quantitative analyses of oligomers have
been developed (ponderal, spectrophotometric and chromatographic methods).
These techniques are applied on the extraction solution of oligomers by a solvent (dioxane). According to the conditions, surface oligomers or total (interne + surface) oligomers are selectively isolated by the treatment. The presence of oligomer crystals on the fibre surface can be directlly observed by electronic scan microscopy, especially after therinal treatments.
A general scheme of analysis is proposed and applied to real cases (dust in spinning, dyed, and modified fibres, etc ...).

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