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Ecology and Religion in India: Challenges, Opportunities, Symmetries and Conclusions

Jon Eric Vicario Martinez-Taboada


Ecology and the discoveries of the sciences of the nature are changing human conscience through a “new cosmology”. Consequently we see for the first time a new and objective determination of reality including its place, time, subjects, processes and interrelationships. It is a fact that many of these conclusions are similar to the ones expressed by the ancestral traditions of humanity. For these traditions, free from the Abrahamic anthropocentrism, nature was always a subject of law with its own rights. In India, man was conceived as part of an interdependent whole, millennia before the study of ecosystems did certify this reality. That is why we find in India many symmetries in line with this “new cosmology”. This paper will expose the most important of these symmetries and the projects were ecology and religions do work together in India to draw conclusions on its relevance regarding the ecological problem and our failure in addressing it.

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