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2017: Núm.: 11 A Chartalist view of Numismatics (Fundaments and Necessities of the Discipline 30 years after the Work by Peter Spufford: ‘Money and its Use in Medieval Europe’) Detalls   PDF
Xavier Sanahuja-Anguera
2008: Núm.: 2 A Chronicler King: Rewriting History and the Quest for Image in the Catalan Chronicle of Meter III (1319-1336/1387) Detalls     PDF
Frédéric Alchalabi
2012: Núm.: 6 A Late Medieval Knight Reflecting of his Public Life: Hugo de Urriés (C. 1405- C. 1493), Diplomacy and Translating the Classics Detalls   PDF
Carlos Conde Solares
2014: Núm.: 8 A Possible Periodisation of the Treaties of Peace and Truce between al- Andalus and the Christian Kingdoms (Nasrid Sultanate of Granada with Castile and Aragon) 13th-15th centuries Detalls   PDF
Diego Melo
2017: Núm.: 11 A Will of their own? Children’s Agency and Child Labour in Byzantium Detalls   PDF
Youval Rotman
2014: Núm.: 8 About the Concept of Onomastic Identity: The Privileges' Parchments of the City of Balaguer (1211-1352) Detalls   PDF
Moisés Selfa
2015: Núm.: 9 After the 12th Century: War and Legal Order (or, of Historiography and its Chimeras) Detalls   PDF
Federico Devís
2009: Núm.: 3 An ecological History in the Middle Ages? Theoretical bases and sources Detalls     PDF
Cristina Segura Graíño
2011: Núm.:5 Archaeology of the Landscape and Archaeology of Farmed Areas in the Medieval Hispanic Societies Detalls   PDF
Helena Kirchner
2017: Núm.: 11 ‘Al qual donà ample e bastant poder a tots los actes faedors en les dites Corts’. Power and Municipal Representation of Lleida in the Catalan Corts (1416-1458) Detalls   PDF
Esther Martí
2017: Núm.: 11 ‘Beatas’, ‘Beaterios’ and Convents: the Origin of the Basque Female Conventual Life Detalls   PDF
Nere Jone Intxaustegi
2016: Núm.: 10 ‘De origine civitatis’. The building of civic Identity in Italian communal Chronicles (12th-14th century) Lorenzo Tanzini  Detalls   PDF
Lorenzo Tanzini
2016: Núm.: 10 ‘Saben moltes coses contra molts convessos de Xàtiva e de València’. Converted Jews in the Kingdom of Valencia: Denunciation and social Betrayal in Late 15th century Xàtiva  Detalls   PDF
Juan Antonio Barrio
2008: Núm.: 2 “Who is who” in spanish medievalism Detalls     PDF
Germán Navarro Espinach
2017: Núm.: 11 Álvaro de Luna as Tyrant. Public Opinion and Political Confl ict in 15th century Castile Detalls   PDF
José Manuel Nieto
2009: Núm.: 3 ¿Historia ecológica en la edad media? Fuentes y bases teóricas Detalls     PDF
Cristina Segura Graíño
2010: Núm.: 4 ¿Qué historia Medieval enseñar y aprender en educación secundaria? Detalls   PDF
Jorge Sáiz
2016: Núm.: 10 Battle in the Medieval Iberian Peninsula: 11th to 13th century Castile-Leon. State of the art  Detalls   PDF
Francisco García Fitz
2009: Núm.: 3 Between Husband and Father Queen Isabel of Lancaster’s crossed Loyalties Detalls     PDF
Ana Maria Seabra de Almeida Rodriges
2008: Núm.: 2 Byzantium and the dark ages, a civilisation put to the test Detalls     PDF
José Marín
2015: Núm.: 9 CARMEN: Collaboration in the Face of Contemporary Challenges Detalls   PDF
Simon Frode
2007: Núm.: 1 Catalonia and the Midi: Sixty years of medieval urban history (1946-2006) Detalls     PDF
Philip Daileader
2010: Núm.: 4 Cautivos cristianos en las orillas del mar de Alborán (siglos XV y XVI) Detalls   PDF
Gerardo Rodríguez
2010: Núm.: 4 Christian Captives on the Shores of the Sea of Alboran (15th and 16th centuries) Detalls   PDF
Gerardo Rodríguez
2011: Núm.:5 Christians and Mudejars: Perceptions and Power in Medieval Portuguese Society Detalls   PDF
Maria Filomena Lopes de Barros
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