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Special employment relationship of professional athletes and compensation ex article 49.1.c) of the Worker’s Statute. Commentary of the decision of the Spanish Supreme Court of March 26, 2014.

Rubén Agote Eguizábal


The Supreme Tribunal decision dated March 26, 2014, declares the compensation established in article 49.1.c) of the Workers Statute regarding the termination of some temporary contracts compatible with the legal nature of the special working relationship of professional sportsmen/women governed by Royal Decree 1006/1985. It gives an extensive, detailed and systematic analysis of the legal regime for the special working relationship. However, according to the author, the inevitable temporary character of the special working relationship shows a perspective that the decision omits, which, if considered, would advise reviewing the doctrine in the decision and the non-applicability of compensation to the special working relationship.

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ISSN: 1699-2938