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2004: Núm.: 9 A comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of IT based education and the implications upon students. Resum   PDF
John O'Donoghue, Gurmak Singh, Charmaine Green
2005: Núm.: 11 A distance in-service teacher education setting focused on mathematics investigations: The role of reflection and collaboration Resum   PDF
João Pedro da Ponte, Leonor Santos
2000: Núm.: 1 A Methodology for Joint Design, Co−Operation and Decision−Making for On−Line Collaborative Learning Detalls   PDF (English)
Paolo Bianchetti, Stefania Bocconi, Luigi Sarti
2006: Núm.: 13 A Multimedia Approach to Enhancing School Leaders’ Reflective Thinking and Decision Making Resum   PDF
Joseph Claudet
2005: Núm.: 10 A multimedia visualization tool for solving mechanics dynamics problem Resum   PDF
S. Manjit Sidhu, S. Ramesh, N. Selvanathan
2008: Núm.: 17 A Study on the development process of a multimedia learning environment according to the ADDIE model and students’ opinions of the multimedia learning environment Resum   PDF
Selay Arkün, Buket Akkoyunlu
2007: Núm.: 14 A virtual mathematics learning environment for engineering students Resum   PDF
Teresa Sancho Vinuesa, Ramon Masià
2008: Núm.: 16 Acceptance of an Augmented Reality system as a visualization tool for Computer-Aided Design classes Resum   PDF
Bruno C. Alves Fernandes, Joaquín Fernández Sánchez
2003: Núm.: 6 Achievements during the 90's of Chile's ICT in Education Program: an International Perspective Resum   PDF
J. Enrique Hinostroza, Ignacio Jara, Andrea Guzmán
2006: Núm.: 12 Adaptive e-Learning Environment Design Resum   PDF
Heloisa Moura
2006: Núm.: 12 Adaptive Tutorial’s Constructivist Basis for the Teaching-Learning Process of an OOPL Resum   PDF
Gabriela Aguilar-Burguete, Kenji Kaijiri
2006: Núm.: 13 An Aptitude-Treatment-Interaction-Approach on Motivation and Student's Self-Regulated Multimedia-Based Learning Resum   PDF
Hermann Astleitner, Maria Koller
2008: Núm.: 17 An evaluation of the effectiveness of the instructional methods used with a Student Response System at a large university Resum   PDF
Coral M. Hanson, Charles R. Graham, Larry Seawright
2001: Núm.: 3 An evaluation of Virtual Learning Environments and their learners: do individual differences affect perception of virtual learning environments Resum   PDF
Julie Richardson
2001: Núm.: 3 An Overview of Progress and Problems in Educational Technology Resum   PDF
J. Michael Spector
2008: Núm.: 16 Aquisition of basic competencies in physical education pre-service teacher training by integrating new technologies Resum   PDF
Jesús Viciana Ramírez, Francisco Salinas Martínez
2004: Núm.: 9 Book Review: Morten Flate Paulsen: Online Education. Global Learning from a Scandinavian Perspective. NKI Forlaget. Norway, 2003) Detalls   PDF
María Victoria Martín
2007: Núm.: 14 Building a community of practice to promote inquiry about geometry: A study case of pre-service teachers interacting online1 Resum   PDF
Marcelo Almeida Bairral
2001: Núm.: 2 Classroom−Based Teaching versus Virtual Teaching (UB−UOC): The Case of the Subject Cultura Iberica (Iberian Culture) Detalls   PDF
Francisco Gracia Alonso
2005: Núm.: 11 Cognitive Artefacts, Technology and Physics Education Resum   PDF
Vitor Duarte Teodoro
2006: Núm.: 12 Coherent Websites and Creative Play: Constructivist Approaches to Information Technology in Teacher Education Resum   PDF
Isabel Álvarez, George Olson, Brent Kilbourn
2003: Núm.: 6 Collaborative Learning Environments. A Response to the New Challenges of Colombian Education Resum   PDF
Claudia María Zea Restrepo, María del Rosario Atuesta Venegas, Miguel Ángel González Castañón, Jorge Ignacio Montoya Restrepo, Irma Urrego Londoño
2001: Núm.: 2 Collaborative Technologies for Web−Based Instruction Detalls   PDF
Gabriela Zúñiga Zárate
2007: Núm.: 14 Communicating mathematics through the internet: A case study Resum   PDF
José Portela
2003: Núm.: 6 Communication through Internet and Self-esteem in Secondary School Students in Chile Resum   PDF
Carlos Dreves Rivera, María Elisa Neumann, María Regina Mardones
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