Revistes Catalanes amb Accés Obert (RACO)

Una mirada antropológica desde la calidad de vida hacia la feminización de las dependencias y la heteronomía de la vejez.

Antonio Soto Ortiz


This work presents a study about the quality of life of an old, dependant women's group, in a specific environment: Begíjar, a spanish town (a village) in the province of Jaén, in Andalusia Oriental. Through their life stories, their experiences, their needs, their dependences, reasons and their cultural beliefs, and taking into account the actions they reproduce in their socio-familial environment, I could understood and interpreted, approximately, what perception of the quality of life dependent women have, and how do they live it. In order to get it, it is necessary to know how some factors and indicators implicit in their daily life, like economy, health, nourishment and their relations with the social network (formal and informal), do influence.

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