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New tendencies in health and medical websites

Toni González Pacanowski


Information on medicine and health has been made much more accessible from all fronts in the new information society. That is, more accessible to viewers, or the public: the informants and speakers, as well as the members of the medical and scientific community themselves.

However, the accessibility for the public, the speakers and the scientific community comes with another problem: the avalanche of information.

In this paper we take the Internet's avalanche of information into consideration from various points of view. For the media, this phenomenon grows in importance daily.

The availability of information through digital resources on topics concerning medicine and health is growing. However, not all of the resources available online are trustworthy sources, making it necessary to establish some quality control standards for them. Now we can find a situation in which quality information is displayed side by side with inexact information.

In this sense, we can affirm that the ICT (information and communication technologies) has facilitated the information explosion in a framework where high quality information from recognised, solvent and credible people, groups and institutions are displayed along with imprecise, incomplete, non-peered review, non-vigorous, and even purposely erroneous information.

Digital resources that the medical profession has access to are also accessed by the media and public opinion. Information that offers these digital resources are accessible to all of the scientific community.

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