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A revised Ordovician age for the Miranda do Douro orthogneiss, Portugal. Zircon U-Pb ion-microprobe and LA-ICPMS dating

Fernando Bea Barredo, Pilar González Montero, Cristina Talavera, Tatiana Zinger


The Miranda do Douro orthogneiss was believed to be the oldest magmatic rock of the Central Iberian Zone, on the base of a U-Pb discordia upper intercept of 618 ± 9 Ma. Nevertheless, new ion-microprobe and LA-ICPMS U-Pb zircon dating revealed that the crystallization age was 483 ± 3 Ma. The orthogneiss also contains a 605 ± 13 Ma zircon population that indicates that the source-rock for the Ordovician magma was Pan-African. Moreover, a few ~3.17 Ga zircon grains were also recorded. These grains are the oldest found so far in Iberia, and its occurrence would suggest the involvement of an Archean crust in the Pan-African orogeny.

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