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An inventory of the Marine and Transitional Middle/Upper Eocene Deposits of the Southeastern Pyrenean Forelan Basin(NE spain)

Josep Serra-Kiel, Emili Mató i Palós, Eloi Saula Briansó, Carles Ferràndez i Cañadell, German Álvarez Pérez, Pere (Busquets i Buezo) Busquets, Josep Tosquella i Angrill, Jordi Franquès i Faixa, Josep Romero Marsal, Antonio Barnolas


In the southeastern Ebro Foreland Basin, the marine deposits of Lutetian and Bartonian age show excellent outcrop conditions, with a great lateral and horizontal continuity of lithostratigraphic units. In addition, the rich fossil record -mainly larger foraminifers-, provides iostratigraphic data of regional relevance for the whole Paleogene Pyrenean Basin, that can be used for the Middle Eocene biocorrelation of the western Tethys. This contribution is a sedimentary and biostratigraphic synthesis of the basic outcrops and sections of the Lutetian and Bartonian marine and transitional deposits in the southeastern sector of the Ebro Foreland Basin.

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