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A new occurence of the genus Tonkinella in northern Spain and the Middle Cambrian intercontinental correlation

Rodolfo Gozalo Gutiérrez, Eduardo Mayoral Alfaro, José Antonio Gámez Vintaned, María Eugenia Dies Álvarez, Fernando Muñiz Guinea


The genus Tonkinella is a typical polimeroid trilobite in lower Middle Cambrian rocks from Vietnam, Canada, U.S.A., India, Korea, Siberia, China and Argentina. It has recently been found in the Mediterranean region (Iberian Chain, northeastern Spain). In this paper we refer the finding of Tonkinella aff. breviceps in the Leonian (lower Middle Cambrian) of the Cantabrian Mountains (northern Spain), analysing its stratigraphical position, fossil assemblages, biochronology and utility for intercontinental correlation. The presence of this taxon allows us to make a more accurate correlation between the Middle Cambrian biochronological scales of Laurentia, the Mediterranean area and China.

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