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Stars in the Silurian sky: Echinoderm holdfasts from the Carnic Alps, Austria

A. Ferretti, W.I. Ausich, C. Corradini, M.G. Corriga, H.P. Schönlaub


A small collection of echinoderm holdfasts from the Ludlow Cardiola Formation of the Carnic Alps (Austria) contains a wide range of morphologies as a response of environmental adaptation. In general, the holdfasts have a globous and massive dome-like profile with several processes arranged in a sub-radial disposition, so to create a sort of ‘star-like’ outline. A small central depression is common but not present on all specimens. The distinctive holdfasts are preserved in an iron-rich phase, documenting a substitution that has also affected other non-echinoderm calcareous material.

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