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Clypeina tibanai, sp. nov. (Polyphysacea, Dasycladales, Chlorophyta), mid-Cretaceous green alga from the Potiguar Basin, Brazilian margin of the young South Atlantic Ocean

B. Granier, D. Dias Brito, I.I. Bucur


The fossil genus Clypeina (Michelin, 1845) comprises some 40 species. We describe Clypeina tibanai, a new species from ? upper Albian–Cenomanian strata of the Potiguar, Brazil, characterised by closely set verticils of tubular, bended laterals. It is compared with Clypeina hanabataensis Yabe & Toyama, 1949, a Late Jurassic species, and with Pseudoactinoporella fragilis (Conrad, 1970), an Early Cretaceous taxon. The new species belongs to a short list of green algae found in the young South Atlantic oceanic corridor, an assemblage defining a phycological paleobioprovince discrete from that of the Tethyan realm.

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