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Fostering Strategies of Resistance: The Art Space as an Escape from Alienation

Solange Manche


This article reflects upon the Marxist tradition of considering industrially produced cultural products as being inherently deceitful and politically misleading, trying to go beyond the avant-gardist prejudice of the Frankfurt School that denies the spectator any agency. By giving an extensive rethinking of initially Marx’s concepts, such as commodification, it is argued that it cannot be an object —an art object in a specific space— in and by itself that offers a way to escape from the working day, but that it is the tension between the object and the space in whichit is presented that accords agency to the observer; whereby, the relation between object and subject are inherently different from, and eludes, alienation. In order to reach this conclusion, the article uses examples from both late 20th century and contemporary art.

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