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Arquitectura hidràulica protohistòrica : algunes propostes metodològiques per a un nou tema

Meritxell Oliach Fàbregas


In this paper we explain the main problems affecting the study of protohistoric hydraulic architecture. We propose new methodological nuances for their study, based on the presentation of the methodology developed and used in the study of the protohistoric architecture in the urban area of the Lleida Plain. The methodology we wish to illustrate has allowed us to study the hydraulic structures on a morphological, spatial and functional level, as well as to situate the different elements and structures within the global operating system of the settlements, taking account of the more modest elements, such as canals and barbicans, which are generally forgotten. In summary, it has allowed us to achieve our main goals, which were to ascertain the most important features of the hydraulic structures, to see how they worked and were developed, and to evaluate their real utility.

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