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Excavaciones arqueológicas en el Frente de Guadalajara: una posición franquista en Abánades(1937-1939)

Alfredo González Ruibal, Antonio Franco Fernández, Álvaro Falquina Aparicio, Iria Fernández Blancafort, Alejandro Laíño Piñero, Patricia Martín Hidalgo


As part of a project on the archaeology of the Spanish Civil War and dictatorship in Spain, a Nationalist position was excavated in the village of Abánades (Guadalajara), which was in use between the March 1937 and the end of the war. The sector that we excavated comprised a trench, two dugouts, and a stone-and-concrete covered trench. All areas yielded many finds of the period. We present here the results of our excavations.

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