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GPU-Based Optimization of a Free-Viewpoint Video System

Neal Orman, Hansung Kim, Ryuuki Sakamoto, Tomoji Toriyama, Kiyoshi Kogure, Robert Lindeman


We present a method for optimizing the reconstruction and rendering of 3D objects from multiple images by utilizing
the latest features of consumer-level graphics hardware based on shader model 4.0. We accelerate visual hull
reconstruction by rewriting a shape-from-silhouette algorithm to execute on the GPU's parallel architecture. Rendering
is optimized through the application of geometry shaders to generate billboarding microfacets textured with captured
images. We also present a method for handling occlusion in the camera selection process that is optimized for execution
on the GPU. Execution time is further improved by rendering intermediate results directly to texture to minimize the
number of data transfers between graphics and main memory. We show our GPU based system to be significantly more
efficient than a purely CPU-based approach, due to the parallel nature of the GPU, while maintaining graphical quality.

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