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Storyline-Based Videogames in the FL Classroom

Ricardo Casan-Pitarch


The use of videogames in the foreign language (FL) classroom seems to be gradually increasing nowadays. TICs are making the lives of educators easier and their teaching methods more effective; these positive experiences make that researchers in this field are constantly introducing and developing new teaching methods and electronic applications. This paper suggests the use of storyline-based videogames in the FL classroom in order to enhance students’ learning process and their communication outcomes through interactive and engaging tasks that raise their motivation. This research has been based on a literature review about the use of supportive material in the field of foreign language learning and it suggests that these interactive materials may be applied in the same way that traditional workbooks and e-workbooks have been used for several years. This proposal is addressed to teaching professionals interested in the use of videogames and to editorials of language teaching materials.

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