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Using blogs to improve professional competencies among undergraduate students

Maria Rosselló, Carme Pinya


Advances in information and communication technologies, and the introduction of competency-based educational approaches promoted as a result of the participation of universities in the construction of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) are demanding urgent changes in teaching methodologies and in the role of students. In this context the article proposes and assesses how blogs can become a useful learning tool for the acquisition of professional competencies. Students were asked, after opening a personal blog, to introduce the activities carried out in class as well as their reflections on the Practicum period, and to use labels as an element of self-reflection on the degree of acquisition of the competencies worked on. In order to assess the experience, a self-report questionnaire was used, which was completed by 82 students. This information is complemented with an analysis of the contents published in the blogs.

Among the results obtained it is worth highlighting that students did not always have extensive knowledge of blogs as a technological tool, a fact that must not be overlooked if blogs are to be included in university courses. The study also showed that participating students valued blogs as a valid instrument for the acquisition of professional competencies, were satisfied with the teaching-learning-teaching process achieved, and recommended their use at university level.

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