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The Power of Digital Storytelling to Support Teaching and Learning

Bernard Robin


Although the term “digital storytelling” may not be familiar to all readers, over the last twenty years, an increasing number of educators and students around the world have incorporated this technology into classroom instruction and educational projects. For more than twelve years, faculty members and graduate students in the Learning, Design and Technology Program at the University of Houston College of Education have been exploring the use of digital storytelling to support both teaching and learning. In 2004, the author established the Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling website ( to serve as a helpful resource for educators and students who were interested in learning how digital storytelling could be integrated into a variety of educational activities. This paper presents an overview of how digital storytelling has and continues to be used in education to support both teaching and learning. In addition, recommendations and guidelines are presented for educators who would like to teach students to use digital storytelling as an educational endeavor.

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