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Reviews of Educational Policy regarding one laptop per child: Escuela 2.0 program in Castilla-La Mancha, Spain.

José Manuel Sáez López, Javier Rodriguez Torres


The present study assesses the attitudes and practices of teachers in relation to the national program Escuela 2.0 in Spain, implemented in 2009. The study analyzes attitudes and needs of 424 teachers and it assesses teaching practices developed with Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). Data is analyzed through mixed methods with various instruments using descriptive analysis, factor analysis and a detailed analysis regarding teaching practice from 21 cases. In conclusion, one third of teachers properly integrate Educational Technology into practice. Moreover 62% of teachers support the applied one laptop per child policy and have positive feedback in this regard, however two thirds of the teachers in the sample integrate technology with isolated activities, adapting persisting traditional pedagogical models. There are deficiencies concerning school performance, group work, problem solving and communication in learning activities. Therefore, students need educational guidance for the appropriate use of ICT in the learning process.

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