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The role of institutional leaderships in the SAPO Campus’ adoption process

Fátima País, Carlos Santos, Luis Pedro


SAPO Campus (SC) is a web 2.0 service platform, whose aim is to promote collaboration, communication and sharing practices in institutional settings, specifically in educational contexts. Since 2012, a group of schools has promoted the institutional adoption of SC. Taking into account the fact that this is an intentional process as institutions support the platform’s adoption, a study was carried out in order to identify the involvement strategies used by principals and school leaders when adopting this technology. Based on a literature review, which included several studies dealing with involvement strategies and how they connect to institutional leadership, an interview was designed not only to understand the strategies used throughout each adoption process, but also their effectiveness.

Our research approach also valued the issues related with the continuous and sustainable use of the SAPO Campus platform in terms of the strategies designed and implemented by the schools’ principals.

The content of these interviews was then analysed, making it possible to establish that, overall, the general outcomes are aligned with the results found on previous research, even though it was possible to identify other strategies used throughout the technology adoption process.

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