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Approach to the phenomenon of m-learning in English teaching

Sergio García, Javier Fombona


This research analyzes the situation of mobile devices and some options of support for the teaching of the English language. The features of this phenomenon are addressed with an exploratory descriptive methodology about the complex and novel phenomenon of m-learning. The article is part of a more extensive research which deals with these resources in education, describes the fast evolution and current situation of the variables that configure the m-learning phenomenon and the teaching of a foreign language in primary education in Spain. It also discusses several specific applications for the learning of English, minding their educational dimensions. The aim has been to show the situation of this technique and some options in education, taking advantage of their level of implementation, its communicative power and visibility of their strategies.

The results highlight the attraction of these resources, which also arise with gradual, playful, friendly and manageable activities in tactile form. They are instruments that rely on the audiovisual communication to develop reading and listening abilities of students.

The teacher can gather these guidelines to enrich and complete his academic activity, exploring solutions that sometimes used mobile devices to attract their users

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