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Digital Storytelling as a Pedagogical Tool within a Didactic Sequence in Foreign Language Teaching

Agustín Reyes Torres, Eva Pich Ponce, Mª Dolores García Pastor


Digital storytelling constitutes a pedagogical tool for teachers to work on different linguistic skills while generating students’ interest and attention. This study analyses the usefulness of including digital storytelling within a didactic sequence in order to work on linguistic routines such as greetings and leave-takings in English as a foreign language. To this aim, we have worked with first year students in the Faculty of Education at the Universitat de València to improve their ability to adapt their language skills to specific situations within common daily interaction. We have designed a didactic sequence consisting of different workshops that have been put into practice in class. The sequence ends with a final project in which students are expected to produce their own digital stories, showing thus what they have learnt. This final production has highlighted a clear improvement in the use of linguistic routines, as well as in the use of more complex structures and of varied expressions used to open and close a conversation.

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