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Building Personal Learning Environments by using and mixing ICT tools in a professional way

Linda J. Castañeda Quintero, Javier Soto


This paper reports on a teaching experience of the introduction of ICT to higher education students in a complementary professional approach and a Personal Learning Environment (PLE) development approach, as well as a naturalistic study based on this experience. The central focus of this methodology was the use of hands-on sessions to introduce students to some specific ICT tools, and exploring the building process of an awareness about their Personal Learning environments.
In terms of learning, we confirmed that students very much appreciate new ways of developing their tasks and their course work. Even when the great majority of students associates learning with acquiring only information and some of them associate learning with memorizing.
In terms of Technology, after this experience we can conclude that students, when arriving at university, have no experience –even knowledge- in the use of ICT tools. In addition, students from the first year of the degree don’t think they use Web 2.0 (awareness), and even more, they don’t believe that they can use ICT tools for learning, even if they actually do. They value, useful tools which help them to plan their tasks, save time, simplify complicated tasks and, definitively, have fun; but also they specially value the ICT tools they discovered, seeing opportunities for Independency, collaboration, selfimportance in the learning process.
The vast majority of students have a basic perception of their PLE. Few of them don’t relate tools with themselves but with their tasks, and only some of them go one step further by establishing more complex relationships between tools, contents, tasks and themselves enriching each other.

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