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Toward a Taxonomy of Loanword Prosody

Stuart Davis, Natsuko Tsujimura, Jung-yueh Tu


Building on previous works (e.g. Kubozono 2006, and Kang 2010), this article attempts to establish a taxonomy for loanword prosody, referring specifically to the patterns of stress, tone, or pitch-accent that are found in loanwords. Toward a taxonomy, we consider the following factors:
(I) whether the pronunciation of the word in the source language influences the assignment of prosody in the borrowing language; (II) whether prosody assignment is aided by rules (or constraints) that are specific to loanwords; and (iii) whether segmental features or suprasegmental features play a role. Exemplification of languages instantiating the taxonomy will be provided with discussion regarding issues that arise from the proposed taxonomy.

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