Revistes Catalanes amb Accés Obert (RACO)

Una aproximació a la situació dels programes d'immersió lingüística al País Valencià

Tudi Torró i Ferrero


An immersion programme is an integrating educational curriculum, which aims to increase and not to reduce knowledge, and on no account tries to replace the family language of the student. Provided the teachers follow suitable pedagogic guidelines, they will encourage the students' capacity for linguistic reflection and, therefore, will foster the learning of other languages, making it easier for students to become multilingual and multicultural Such programme is included in our legislative codes which, in addition to giving legal support, also give methodological strategies that may guide teachers in its application. However, we may not forget that any school choice implying a change of language has a clear sociopolitical dimension, which is clearly the origin of the attitudes families and students possess on arrival at school.

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