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«Tirant lo Blanch» i la historiografia catalana medieval

Paül Limorti Payà


The importance of historiography in the creation of the novel is an irrefutable fact in literature, especially in Greek inerature. Did the same happen in Catalan literature? Paül Limorti follows the traces of the historiographic genre in the making of the narrative technique of Tirant lo Blanch. Front this point of view the author analyses the creation of Diafebus as a character-narrator, which is a typical device used in the chronicies to achieve a stronger historic realism. In this sense, the author studies the manner of interrelation typical of chronicles and of Tirant lo Blanch. Another device used by Martorell to present this work as a historic recreation is the group of parallel texts (prologue and dedication) which heads the book, as well as the topics which can be found in it: the false translation and the reuse of previous texts.

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