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Variació fonètica i cliticització pronominal en alguerès: una primera aproximació intradialectal

Andreu Bosch i Rodoreda, Luca Scala


This paper describes, from an intra-dialect point of view, the phonological traits of pronoun clitization in Algherese. The approach is based on the restrictions upon the syllabic structure of this variety, which tends to avoid the coda between clitics and verbs and between one clitic and another, It almost does not allow any type of coda in cases of clitization, which are solved through rules of assimilation and simplification, through the insertion of an epenthetic [a] between the verb and the clitic, or by modifying the ending, which leads to a wide range of homophonic sequences. The study also presents an update on the syntactic restrictions upon pronoun combinations and the
phonetic peculiarities of some clitic combinations, more specifically those including ne and se, with a wealth of examples.

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