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El canvi de l'arquitectura lingüística de les terres catalanes en els segles XVIII i XIX

Rolf Kailuweit


Description of the model of linguistic architecture in the Catalonian regions in the 18th and 19th centuries. The author develops the conceptual pair genolect, or transmitted language/gramolect, or referential learned language, and applies it to the academic speech of 1780, in which a scholar from Puigcerdà presents the linguistic ideas and attitudes of his lime in Castilian. The analysis of the text, collated with other sources, allows the indentification of a five-gramolect concurrence (Latin, literary Catalan, literary CastiHan, regional Castilian, and aspoken Catalan influenced by Castilian), each struggling for hegemony in a speech-fragmented community with
a heterogenous genolectal reality.

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