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Les glosses de Guillem Nicolau a la seva traducció de les «Heroides» d'Ovidi (1390): una proposta d'identificació

Josep Pujol


According to a letter written in 1390, Guillem Nicolau attached a full commentary to his Catalan translation of Ovid’s Heroides. Although these glosses have not survived
in any of the extant manuscripts of this translation, they have been preserved in a fifteenth-century manuscript containing an anonymous Castilian version of the Catalan text. In this article, the linguistic- and literary-based identification of these
Castilian glosses with those written by Nicolau leads to a further examination of the relationship of the Catalan Heroides to the Latin commentary tradition. Evidence is given of Nicolau having used a Latin manuscript containing accessus and glosses from
William of Orléans Bursarii Ovidianorum, as well as many other grammatical and contextual anonymous glosses, to which he is heavily indebted.

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