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Llorenç Vilallonga: la ironia o la civilització

Vicent Simbor Roig


In the present article the author studies the importance of irony in Llorenç Villalonga’s work using as a touchstone the novel «Flo la Vigne». In the first place he analyzes the conception of irony that the writer has: a tool for approaching the world and a virtue that characterizes the person or the civilization that possesses it. Secondly, he examines the practice of irony in the aforesaid novel: verbal irony (antiphrasis, paradox, «reductio ad absurdum»...) and the narratologic irony in a wide sense, including the paratextual and the intertextual one. Special attention is paid to the conception of transmitter of information, which has diverse voices and narrative levels. Finally, it relates Villalonga’s irony to modern irony.

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