Revistes Catalanes amb Accés Obert (RACO)

Teodor Llorente, escriptor valencià

Rafael Roca Ricart


This article is a revision of Teodor Llorente’s literary work in Catalan, in prose and in poetry, which turns out to be an exceptional production for his time, in accordance with his role as a leader and an ideologist of the Valencian Renaixença, and places him as the poet who contributes most, both in quantity and quality, to this literary movement. The first part of the article, focused on his lyric poetry, revises the six editions of his verses which were published between 1885 and 1983, and brings back to life ‘unknown’ poems -unpublished or dispersed- which have never been included in any edition. The second part lists and catalogues his prose writings in Catalan and dismantles the belief that he only used Catalan to write poetry.

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