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Diseño y fiabilidad de un cuestionario sobre la comprensión auditiva/audiovisual

Juan Carlos Casañ Núñez


The study reported in this paper is part of a multiphase mixed-methods investigation that explores the usage of audiovisual comprehension questions embedded within a video sequence in the form of subtitles and synchronized with the relevant fragments, for the purpose of language learning. The main objective of this paper is to account for the design and test-retest reliability of a questionnaire on listening/viewing comprehension for adult learners of Spanish as a foreign language that would be administered in subsequent studies. In addition, informants' answers are analysed in order to extract information about their beliefs and preferences. Twenty learners completed the questionnaire twice, fourteen days apart. The results show that the instrument is reliable. Furthermore, most of the participants consider that it is important to practise listening/viewing comprehension in the language class and that video images aid in understanding speakers. To conclude, the applications and limitations of the study are discussed.

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Bellaterra Journal of Teaching & Learning Language & Literature (BJTLLL)

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