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Correcciones en lengua: modos de intervención docente en los textos escritos por los alumnos

Stella Maris Tapia


This article is part of the doctoral research on teachers’ corrections of texts written by their students of Spanish L1 in the final years of high school and the first year of college in Bariloche, Argentina. Within the socio-discursive interactionism framework, we inquire how teachers correct written texts in subjects such as language, literature and related studies. The analysis of correction methods is based on differentiating three teachers’ intervention approaches: statements, marks and amendments, as educational interventions superimposed over students’ texts. In the first part, each of these categories is characterized. In the second part, it is described how teacher and student voices interact following Voloshinov’s concept of the "foreign word" (1929).

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Bellaterra Journal of Teaching & Learning Language & Literature (BJTLLL)

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