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Ayudas en línea para lectura multimodal en lengua extranjera

John Jiménez


This article describes a study using a mixed approach, in which EFL university students used online aids such as translators, dictionaries, summaries, among other resources, as strategies in order to help other EFL beginner level students to better read and understand multimedia texts in this language. Quantitative and qualitative data wwereas collected for the project through the Interfax software, as well as semi-structured questionnaires and interviews. The results indicate that the translator and online dictionary were the most commonly used aids which helped students to better read and understand multimedia texts. Finally, more than half of the students from both groups preferred to combine multimedia with print texts, and most of the students suggested that multimedia text should be used regularly for reading comprehension courses in English.

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Bellaterra Journal of Teaching & Learning Language & Literature (BJTLLL)

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