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“Tarongeta” vol dir taronja petita por Bosch, L., Llop, I.L., Güell Bou, F., Fusté Suñé, R., Gimeno, J., Climent i Rovira, J.A., & Torra Sans, I. Barcelona, Godall Formacions, 2013.

Marcello Belotti


"Tarongeta" vol dir taronja petita ['Orangete' means little orange] published by Goodall Publishing in 2013 includes the six award-winning texts submitted to the prize ""El català pel món" (Catalan around the world). The authors are young Catalan teachers, all born between the decades of the seventies and eighties. Some of them are also researchers, writers, and poets who describe their experiences of teaching their language in some of the most diverse places in the world.

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