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Transformaciones en el pensamiento de unos profesores universitarios de áreas no lingüísticas sobre la escritura académica

Isabel Martins


This paper describes some results about the changes in the belief, knowledge and representation system (Cambra, 2000) regarding the academic writing and its pedagogy of three professors in an academic literacy-training workshop at the University Simón Bolívar (Caracas, Venezuela). This formative intervention has adapted some principles of the third generation of the activity theory and expansive learning (Engeström, 1987; Engeström and Sannino, 2010) and the theory of genre systems (Bazerman, 1994). As a researcher-interventor and as a subject of the same activity system as the informants, I interpret their conceptions looking at the written texts collected before and after the work sessions planned ad hoc. Data analysis is interpretative just as the one suggested by the theory of enunciation (Palou, 2008).

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