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Relación entre gramática y escritura en el currículo de Lengua Portuguesa

Madalena Teixeira


This article analyzes the relationship between the domains of grammar and writing in the Portuguese curriculum, with a view to understanding the test results seen in official testing. These tests show very low results. To perform this analysis we rely on the principles defined for teaching grammar in two official documents: Program curriculum in the area of Portuguese (1st and 2nd cycle of basic education) and the subject of Portuguese (3rd cycle of Basic Education ) (PPEB, 2009) and the Portuguese Curricular Goals for Basic Education (MCPEB, 2012). These documents are normative and serve as references for teachers in relation to both classroom curricula and the development of teaching practice and internal evaluation of learning and textbooks. Following this, we set the following objectives: (1) determine the impact of the relationship between the domains of grammar and writing in the context of the national evaluation system; (2) describe the theoretical framework and the learning mechanisms Programs (2009) and Goals (2012); and (3) propose didactic teaching of grammar in coordination with writing activities. In conclusion, we note as a priority the need for articulation between the programs for the areas of language in the curriculum and investment in continued teacher training.

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