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L’effet de l’enseignement des stratégies de lecture sur l’usage des stratégies selon différents niveaux de réussite en lecture en FLE

Meral Özkan Gürses, Oktay Cem Adıgüzel


The present study aimed at investigating the effects of reading strategy instruction on students’ reading strategies use according to the different levels of achievement in terms of reading comprehension in French as a foreign language. Reading strategies instruction was implemented within the framework of an action research in a preparatory class of French as a foreign language. A total of 18 students participated in the courses focusing reading strategies instruction. Before and after the intervention, think-aloud technique used in order to collect data was applied with six learners representing different levels of achievement (good, medium, low). The data was analyzed by using the approach of quantification of qualitative data. Findings indicate that learners depending on their achievement levels are influenced in different ways by reading strategies instruction.

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